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Is your child spending too much time on mobile devices?
It's time to get involved


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The app that transforms wasted time into productive time.

Know Stuff!

From Math & Science to Current Events... and everything in between
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Earn Coins and Buy Time

The gamified coin economy teaches the value of time management...and it's fun too!
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Analyze Performance with Real-Time Benchmarking

Finny Report Cards provide parents with quiz results, detailed trends, and device usage statistics.

Finny is the first ever parental engagement app that leverages unproductive device usage to trigger educational quizzes and learning moments.

The average child in the US spends over 3 hours per day on social media and gaming apps.

"Aside from the obvious negative social and behavioral effects, recent studies have linked prolonged, uninterrupted screen time, with the rising epidemics of attention deficit disorder, poor academic performance, insomnia and obesity."