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From Grade 4th to 8th

The Finny Content library includes over 15,000 questions across 100+ categories which supports the Common Core curriculum and balances Math with Science, Social Studies, Art and English.

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Real-time access to Report Cards

Finny provides parents with report cards, detailed trends and device usage statistics. Tailor your child’s experience by timing Finny when to interrupt and what subjects to emphasize.

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Earn Coins and Buy Time

Finny teaches the value of time management and rewards.
positive behavior.

Their Game, Your rules

The average child in the US spends over 3 hours per day on social media and gaming apps.

"Aside form the obvious negative social and behavioral affects, recentstudies have linked prolonged, uniterrupted screen time, with the rising epidemics of attention deficit disorder, poor academic performance, insomnia adn sleep disturbances, and obesity."