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Finny is the first ever app for tablets and
smartphones that combines parental
controls with educational assessments.
Finny interrupts non-productive device use to offer your kid age and curriculum appropriate quiz questions. By answering these correctly, your kid can earn more time on their device.Incorrect answers can lock the device.
Unlike all other parental control apps, Finny promotes balanced device usage, stimulates young intellects, and positively reinforces knowledge and problem-solving skills through a unique system of rewards and achievements.
Their Game, Your Rules
Finny promotes balanced device usage among kids without having to resort to punitive, autocratic measures. Finny meters out play time as a reward to kids for applying their knowledge. You can customize Finny to better suit your parental style. Use it to control your kid’s device time, team up with them in fun learning adventures, or just mix ’n match… the choice is yours.
Time for a break
Screen addiction is out of control. America’s youth spends more time before a screen each day than they spend sleeping, causing medical and social disorders. Finny interrupts non-productive device usage by reminding kids to put down the device and go… be kids.
A bank of learning
Finny’s question bank is full of questions and challenges carefully crafted by K-12 experts to stimulate young minds. No celebrity or entertainment trivia here - our question bank supports the Common Core curriculum and balances Math with Science, Social Studies, Art and English.
Level up!
Finny makes learning a game. By rewarding correct answers with Finny Coins and trophies, Finny engages kids with positive reinforcement. Correct answers earn Finny Coins that can be redeemed for more play time or other goodies.
Development by the numbers.
Finny provides parents with detailed trends, report cards and device usage statistics to help you make informed decisions on your kid’s learning focus.

Tailor your kid’s learning focus by telling Finny whether and how often to interrupt, or which subjects to emphasize. Or take the learning offline and discuss them with your kid’s teachers..
“New studies have linked prolonged, uninterrupted screen time, with the rising epidemics of attention deficit disorder, poor academic
performance, insomnia and sleep disturbances, and obesity. Aside from the obvious learning and medical issues, there are also negative social and behavioral affects.”
Eric Curcio, M.D – Medical Advisor
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Leading pediatricians endorse the use of Finny. See more.
Break the cycle of device addiction.